Everything this week will be better, if you pick up a wedge of Grafton Truffle Cheddar.  Based in Vermont, Grafton is an award-winning dairy farm whose mission is to protect and enhance the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of Vermont’s small communities and their rural way of life.  With a semi-firm texture this cheese has the perfect balance of sweet and buttery flavors with the earthy, musky notes from the infusion of fresh truffles and truffle oil.  Perfect for making grilled cheese, melting onto a burger, or a rich potato au gratin, this cheese pairs well with hearty, earthy red wines or brown ales and is sure to satisfy nearly any mood or application.  Usually $8.99 per 8oz wedge, the Grafton Truffle Cheddar will be on sale this week for $6.99.  Cheers and Bon Appetit!