Fermin Salamis Iberico Ham

This week I give you a world-renowned cut of meat to treat your taste buds to; Iberico ham produced by Fermin Salamis of Spain. Iberico is the legendary breed of pig popularly known as Pata Negro or black hoof. The breed is considered the best for producing high quality dry cured hams with unsurpassed taste and aroma and often referred to as the “Kobe beef of pork.” Fermin’s Iberico ham is sliced traditionally thin and the best way to enjoy this delicacy is with some peaks of baguette, a wedge of Manchego cheese and a glass of Spanish red wine (think Tempranillo or Garnacha). Usually $14.99 per 2oz package, Fermin’s Iberico Ham will be on sale this week for only $10.99 so be sure to treat yourself to this delectable delicatessen. Cheers and Bon Appetit!