This week’s food pick is a delightfully crafted Spanish treat that combines dried and candied fruit that has been hand dipped in chocolate! Mitica, one of the biggest importers of gourmet Spanish delicacies in the United States, has had a long history of chocolate making. Today brothers Jose, Manuel and Fernando carry on their family’s tradition with their beautifully crafted Chocohigos and Orange Delights. The Chocohigos made with dried Pajarero figs, native to Spain, coated in 56% dark chocolate and the Orange Delights made with candied sliced oranges from Valencia dipped in 55% dark chocolate make for the utmost decadent and ultimate indulgence. Perfect for snacking, dessert or used as a dessert topping these Spanish sweet treats deliver the perfect fruit to chocolate ratio and are a little taste of luxury. Usually $8.99 per 4.9oz container, Mitica’s Chocohigos and Orange Delights will be on sale this week for only $6.99. Cheers and Bon Appetit!