Don’t forget to grab some Gruyere to have on hand for when you feel like you need to breakout the fondue kit at home this week. The Grand Suisse Le Gruyere will be on sale for $9.99, usually $12.99, per 8oz wedge. Considered an “OG” of the cheese world, being made since at least 1115, Gruyere is held in high regards amongst connoisseurs. Made from 100% cow’s milk this is one complex cheese, full of bold nutty nuances with a dense yet smooth texture making it ideal for melting. And no fondue can be authentic without the use of this highly praised cheese. But if fondue isn’t quite your thing Gruyere is a great choice for melting onto sandwiches, or French onion soup and is sure to perfectly round out any cheese and charcuterie board. Cheers and Bon Appetit!