Be sure to stock up and save on some excellent Colorado made whipped honeys by Honeyville. Based in Durango, CO, Honeyville has been in the honey making business since 1918 and their product is absolutely out of this world! The first time I tried one of their products the jar did not last 24 hours. I went home immediately and found whatever I could in my food pantry that would work as a vessel to spread Honeyville on. Try it on toast, English muffins, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, or a dollop mixed in with some freshly baked Brie or goat cheese. Usually $9.99 per 11.5oz jar, all Honeyville Whipped Honeys will be on sale this week for only $4.99!! With flavors such as Raspberry, Chokecherry, Bumbleberry, Palisade Peach, Vanilla Bourbon and more, this product will make your taste buds explode and say “oh honey you should have.” Cheers and Bon Appetit!