St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and as you grab your case of Guinness or favorite handle of Irish whiskey don’t forget to bring home the cheddar!  In lieu of St. Paddy’s this week’s food pick is two delectable Irish cheddars by Truly Grass-Fed Farms.  Truly Grass-Fed’s mission is to create the best dairy products with the highest standards in both production and ingredients, using wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, grazing on green grass.  These cheeses are exceptional and are non-GMO verified as well as antibiotic and hormone free.  For a creamy and perfectly sweet flavor try their aged cheddar or for something creamy with a slightly sharper note go for their naturally sharp wedge.  Both cheeses are perfect for melting onto sandwiches or burgers and pair wonderfully with ales and stouts.   Usually $6.99 per 7oz wedge both the Aged and Naturally Sharp will be on sale this week for $4.99!  Cheers and Bon Appetit!