When it comes to meats that grace a charcuterie board, prosciutto seems to always take the spotlight.  This week it’s time to try what I like to refer to as prosciutto’s little brother; speck.  Very similar to prosciutto, speck is made from the same cut, the hind leg, and cured the same way.  But unlike prosciutto, speck is slowly-smoked as the final step in the curing process. After living in Parma, Italy (the origins of prosciutto making), the makers of La Quercia meats of Norwalk, Iowa took their newfound knowledge of traditional meat curing back to the Midwest and have been producing award winning cured meats since 2005.  Smoked over real apple wood, and using antibiotic free, vegetarian fed pork, this speck is deep in flavor with a gentle sweetness that will exceed your palate’s “eSPECKtations.”  Great on sandwiches, salads and pizzas, use speck as a substitute the next time you see prosciutto in a recipe and be sure to pair it alongside your favorite lager or dry hard cider.  Usually $8.99 for a 2oz pre-sliced package, the La Quercia Speck will on sale for a steal this week at only $5.99! Cheers and Bon Appetit!