This week’s food pick is a sweet and savory sauce that will have you roaming through your fridge and kitchen pantry to find every possible vessel to spread it on.  Be sure to stop by our food fridge and pick up a jar of Fat Toad Farm’s Goat’s milk caramel sauce in both Original and Salted Bourbon (my personal favorite) flavors.  These award-winning sauces are rich and creamy with an added touch of tanginess from the goat’s milk making for an impeccably balanced combination of sweet and savory.  Try spreading it on breakfast toasts, crepes, waffles, or drizzle it on fruit, ice cream, yogurt, coffee or over your favorite cheeses for an added touch of flavor.  Your taste buds will be sure to thank you.  Usually $5.99 for the Original and $6.99 for the Salted Bourbon, both flavors will be $2 off their original price this week only!  Cheers and Bon Appetit!