Adrian’s wine of the week. 11/28/18

Chateau d’Oupia –
Les Heretiques 2017
Sale Price:  $11.99
Regular Price:  $9.99

If you’re in the market for a great bang for the buck from southern France, look no further than this Carignan and Syrah blend.  As the story goes, it is named for a heretical Christian group that lived in the Languedoc but was wiped off the map by the Pope in the 13th century in retaliation for the murder of a papal representative.  Chateau d’Oupia also dates back to this historic time and owns the sustainably farmed old vines, some of which reach 100 years old!  The 90% Carignan and 10% Syrah blend makes for a complex and hearty red that starts of bright and peppery on the nose and follows through with red and purple cherry on the palate with a nice dose of lavender and even meaty charcuterie.  Balanced tannins and a lingering finish make this a bargain at this price, and it is fantastic with soppressata and aged manchego.  Cheers!

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