Adrian's Wine of the Week. 7/19/17

July 19th, 2017 11:38am - Posted By: Adrian Zabolitzki

Villa Dugo - Pinot Grigio 2015
DOC Friuli Isonzo
Sale $10.99
Reg $14.99

I know, I know, you're probably thinking that this Pinot Grigio is just going to be another dime-a-dozen.  But, I'm here to tell you that you can get a mineral driven, crunchy Pinot Grigio from a DOC appellation that is made from a vineyard that has over two centuries of history!  Villa Dugo by Fiegl is located on the clay soils of the Isonzo valley just north of Gorizia close to Slovenia.  This is prime white wine producing land between the alps and the Adriatic Sea.  This Pinot Grigio offers up light fresh citrus and floral notes along with gravelly minerality.  On the palate, the citrus continues and evolves to tangy green apple.  Great texture, fresh acidity and that mineral finish makes this a perfect wine for grilled fish and shrimp dishes.  Hard to find in Pinot Grigio under $15, this wine delivers great character.  Cheers!

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Matt's Wine of the Week. 7/19/17

July 19th, 2017 11:37am - Posted By: Matt Modrzejewski

Malbec 2016
Regular Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $8.99

From three thousand feet up in the Northwestern corner of Mendoza to your table. Bodini Malbec 2016 is beautifully bright and lean and at this price point really delivers and may change your mind about inexpensive Malbec from Argentina. The grapes are hand harvested and the wine not only goes through malolactic fermentation but is also unoaked to hold on to the true flavor of the fruit. This style of Malbec is a little restrained but fresh with bright red fruits like Bayberry, Raspberry and strawberry that  mingle with easy tannin and a long mouthfeel. While this little gal is pretty lean she’s a ton of fun in the glass and would pair up so nicely with grilled red meat or even a big juicy burger! Thumbs up here! –Cheers

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Sarah's Wine of the Week. 7/19/17

July 19th, 2017 11:33am - Posted By: Sarah Davidson

Lunaris La Collina - Sparkling Malvasia
Sale $15.99 Reg. $18.99

I tasted this a couple months ago and instantly fell in love. We were finally able to order some from our distributor last week and I couldn't waitto shareit with you! This is the white counter part to one of our most popular Lambruscos and is 100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. Malvasia typically grows in northern Italy and Slovenia and makes very aromatic wines with notes of stone fruit and pronounced minerality. This sparkling wine is done completely in stainless steel the same way Prosecco is made. It is grown biodynamically with natural yeasts and only 6,000 bottles are produced each year. This beautiful sparkling wine smells like a bouquet of white flowers falling out of your glass complimented by notes of ripe peaches and nectarines. Pronounced minerality follows through on the finish with balanced acidity. If you've had your fair share of Prosecco and want something a little more fragrant this wine is for you! Cheers!

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Matt's wine of the week. 7.12.17

July 12th, 2017 11:11am - Posted By: Matt Modrzejewski

Eins Zwei Dry Rheingau Riesling 2016
Regular Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $13.99

It has been a long road for Johannes Leitz since he took over his family estate in 1985. After the second world war the Rheingau region slowly slipped in to mediocrity and many of the wprld’s most famous and expensive wines literally fell off the map. So, since 1985 Johannes has made it his life’s mission to bring back the region, it’s truly unique terroir and show the world the amazing potential for many styles of wine. Riesling clearly being at the top of that style list is showcased wonderfully in this Eins Zwei Dry “3” Riesling from Leitz. A bouquet in the glass that reminds me of cutting apple slices to go with the wine and picnic planned for that afternoon. Peach, apricot and white floral notes each pop up individually and then wash away in a crisp and acidic medley. A fabulous wine with any kind of seafood and or tapas. Cheers!

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Sarah's wine of the week. 7.12.17

July 12th, 2017 11:09am - Posted By: Sarah Davidson

Les Granges Saint-Martin -
Saint Chinian Red 2016
Sale $9.99
Reg. $12.99

I talk about the great values coming out of the Langeudoc all the time, and here's my latest example. The Les Granges Saint-Martin is from Saint Chinian which is just north east of Minervois along the Mediterranean Coast. The blend is 35% Grenache, 35% Carignan, 15% Syrah, and 15% Mourvedre for a spicy, light on its feet red. This great red blend has notes of wild raspberries, bing cherry, leather, anise, and pronounced minerality. Vibrant acidity makes this incredibly food friendly with anything off of the grill but it does need food to truly showcase all this wine has to offer. This would also make the perfect accompaniment to charcuterie on the patio if you throw it in the fridge for 15 minutes! Cheers!

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Adrian's wine of the week. 7.12.17

July 12th, 2017 11:08am - Posted By: Adrian Zabolitzki

Günther Steinmetz –
Riesling 2015 1 Liter
Sale $16.99 
Reg $21.99

The 1 liter patio pounder size category continues to grow and this one is a Riesling from the middle of the Mosel, Germany’s top Riesling producing area.  This is definitely a summer staple, thirst quenching and affordable with more than enough complexity to keep you reaching for another glass.  The tiny Günther Steinmetz property sits among some of the best villages for Riesling production, and with Stefan Steinmetz at the helm since 1999 are producing beautiful organic wines from their 9 Ha of young and old estate vineyards planted to blue slate soils.  This wine was fermented in large old 1000 liter fuders and shows off some of the lushness that the 2015 vintage had to offer.  While technically off-dry, you would never know it because of the mouthwatering acidity that completely cleans up the finish.  White stone fruits and citrusy aromas mixed with citrus blossom, wildflowers and minerality progress to a Lush texture and refreshing acidity on the palate.  This is a wine that definitely over delivers for the price.  Cheers!

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Adrian's wine of the week. 7.5.17

July 6th, 2017 10:48am - Posted By: Adrian Zabolitzki

Boet Le Roux – Old Vine Colombard 2016
Sale $9.99 
Reg $13.99

As the summer begins you may be craving zippy, fresh and mineral driven wines that quench your thirst after a day in the sun…or while in the sun!  Pinot Grigio is an easy choice, but there are so many other great values out there such as this wine out of South Africa.  Swartland is known for harsh summer sun and dry conditions, and 3rd generation wine grape grower Boet Le Roux tends and nurtures his old vine Colombard vineyards here to produce concentrated and flavorful wines.  Colombard isn't a grape that many people will know, but it is a work horse in France, among blends in the south and as the main grape for the distilled Armagnac.  On its own in this wine, you'll find crisp citrus in a refreshing and flavorful style.  Little floral notes and minerality add depth while the acidity keeps you reaching back for another sip.  Enjoy this little beauty as an aperitif or with light appetizers and salads.  Cheers!

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Sarah's wine of the week. 7.5.17

July 6th, 2017 10:46am - Posted By: Sarah Davidson

Yalumba – Old Bush Vine Grenache 2014
Sale $15.99
Reg. $18.99

While I have been raving about white wines and rosé for the better part of two months, I do still enjoy drinking reds this time of year. With all of the grilling my husband and I do I need some good grilling reds in my wheelhouse! I enjoy slightly lighter reds this time of year and I always always always put them in the fridge for 15 or 20 minutes first. When a bottle of red has been sitting on the counter all day it needs to cool down a little to be the right temperature to drink. The Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache is the epitome of summer red for me; it’s lighter bodied, smoky and spicy, and perfect with the slightest chill. Notes of cedar, cumin, coriander, pepper, red currant, bing cherry, smoked paprika, anise, and leather dance together on your palate for an herbaceous, slightly smoky red. Bright acidity and integrated tannin paired with the lively body make this perfect for anything grilled or just by itself. You can feel good about drinking it too because Yalumba grows all of their fruit sustainably and takes pride in the family owned, 167 year old estate. From farming to packaging, the winery does things sustainably like limiting herbicides and insecticides, planting trees, and limiting packing materials. The winery has their hands in every step of the process because they are one of only four wineries worldwide to have their own cooperage. Barossa native and  winemaker Kevin Glastonbury picks out the oak for the barrels and once the staves arrive master cooper Shaun Gibson toasts them to perfection and forms the barrels. Yalumba announced in 2011 that all the wines are vegetarian and vegan friendly, so if that’s the case pair this with some roasted mushrooms and root vegetables! Cheers! 

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Matt's wine of the week. 7.5.17

July 6th, 2017 10:45am - Posted By: Matt Modrzejewski

La Galope
Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Regular Price: $12.99
Sale Price: 2 for $16       

After a seemingly eternal absence from our mix and match section in the front of the store, La Galope Sauvignon Blanc 2016 returns just in time for the mid-summer heat! The unique nose and mineral driven body in this thirst quencher will have all your friends and neighbors asking where you got this bottle of wine. A staple paired with light tapas or any combination of white fish, this Sauvy is versatile with food and super pleasant just on its own. I love that the apple, melon and grapefruit notes make me think of “backyard summer” and the minerality and acid just beg for someone to fire up the grill! So, invite some company over and let this refreshing little diddy slip and slide it’s way right out of your glass! -Cheers

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Matt's wine of the week. 6/28/17

June 28th, 2017 10:35am - Posted By: Matt Modrzejewski

Moscofilero 2016
Regular Price: $16.99
Sale Price: 12.99

Four thousand years ago the Greek people celebrated the deity, Dionyssus, perhaps more than any other at the time. A celebration of wine called “Anthestiria” or “the festival of flowers” was a massive party to welcome the coming of spring and pay homage to Dionyssus. The name for the festival comes from the distinct, floral notes that many Greek wines take over your senses with. This, Skouras Moscofilero 2016 is certainly no different! Beautiful white flowers and fresh fields come forefront to my mind when the bouquet opens up, followed by sharp green apple and lime zest with intense acidity. As it should, Skouras Moscofilero 2016 pairs best with anything from the sea. A heaping dish of spiced bread, olive oil and grapes should then be followed up with ratatouille or a selection of fresh fish over mixed greens and veggies. 92 points from Robert Parker!! -Cheers

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Adrian's wine of the week. 6/28/17

June 28th, 2017 10:33am - Posted By: Adrian Zabolitzki

Forlorn Hope -
Picpoul 2015
Sale $13.99 
Reg $27.99

Mathew Rorick was called one of the 'winemakers to watch' by the San Francisco Chronicle's online page back in 2013.  As one of the pioneers of California's wine renaissance, his way is to create tiny micro-batches of unique and interesting wine varieties that have been forgotten, lost or neglected among the vineyards of popular varietals in California, and Forlorn Hope is the  name for this labor of love that we get to experience.  His Picpoul is just one great example that I got to taste a few weeks ago. Hand harvested and then foot tread before pressing, this French varietal then went through a long and slow fermentation that lasted an astounding 10 months in 500 liter puncheon barrels and resulted in layers of depth and complexity.  The beautiful golden color gives you the hint of intense aromas and flavors to come.  A rich nose of pears, pineapple and spice with lush tropical notes and minerality give way to a complex flavor profile of more tropical fruit mixed with hints of oak and honey, while the fresh acidic burst balances everything out.  In a word, this is all about decadence!  Cheers!

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Sarah's wine of the week. 6/28/17

June 28th, 2017 10:32am - Posted By: Sarah Davidson

Antoniolo -
Bricco Lorella Nebbiolo Rosé 2016
Sale $16.99
Reg. $22.99

It is now officially summer so grab your hats and sunscreen and pick up some rosé! As the temperatures rise I need something cool and refreshing to cool me down. Sun tea does it during the day but as soon as the sun goes down this bone dry rosé does the trick. The 14 hectare estate comes to us from Gattinara in northern Piedmont nestled in the Alpine foothills. The organically farmed estate was established in 1948 by Rosanna Antoniolo and now brother and sister Alberto and Lorella oversee production under the supervision of their mother. This 100% Nebbiolo rosé is bone dry with intense minerality. Notes of under ripe peach, strawberry, hibiscus, and pomegranate make up the palate with laser beam acidity cutting through for the finish. Definitely enjoy this rosé with food! Pair it with seafood or salads on a hot summer night. Cheers!

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Sarah's wine of the week. 6/21/17

June 21st, 2017 11:25am - Posted By: Sarah Davidson

Miraqle - Rosé 2016
Sale $9.99
Reg. $11.99

Miraqle rosé is one of the new faces in our rosé section this year and while there are a ton of wines to choose from, you should definitely give this newbie a shot. The Miraqle rosé is from selected plots in Provence close to the Mediterranean Sea that help keep the grapes cool to maintain the vibrant acidity. The Miraqle is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Carignan and has notes of grapefruit pith, tangerine peel, watermelon, and white grapefruit. The crisp, clean finish and complex palate make this one of the best deals from France in my opinion. Classically Provence in style, the wine is labeled simply as IGP Méditerranée so it doesn't demand the rising price point of most other roséfrom Provence. For $10 this can be your summer go to rosé! Cheers!

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Adrian's wine of the week. 6/21/17

June 21st, 2017 11:24am - Posted By: Adrian Zabolitzki

Pazo das Bruxas – Albariño 2015
Sale $13.99 
Reg $18.99

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a dry, citrusy white wine from Rueda in north central spain.  This week’s Pazo das Bruxas Albariño by Torres is also from Spain, but comes from Rias Baixas, just north of Portugal.  A forested, cooler growing region, the Rias Baixas produces more floral and white stone fruited wines from the Albariño grapes native to the area, and rivers flowing through the steep hillsides converge in the deltas here to create estuaries from which delicious shellfish and seafood are harvested.  The Pazo das Bruxas Albariño would be a great companion to such seafood dishes, goat cheese, and also just on its own on one of these hot days!  Look for perfumey citrus and white peach aromas that are balanced with minerality.  The fruity entry on the palate gives way to a refreshingly clean finish with thirst quenching acidity.  Cheers!

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Matt's wine of the week. 6/21/17

June 21st, 2017 11:19am - Posted By: Matt Modrzejewski

Dom de la Saraziniere
Chardonnay 2015
Regular Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $17.99

As the Burgundy region's workhorse, Chardonnay, can sometimes feel like a dime-a-dozen from this amazing area . However, Domaine de la Saraziniere 2015 is a shooting star from parceled vineyards in East France. The father and son duo, Phillippe and Guillaume Trebignaud, have taken the vast limestone soil's production of Chardonnay grapes and molded them into this beautiful and zesty white burgundy that cools off these scorching summer days. Bright green apple, sharp minerality and quenching acidity are forefront in this yummy French white. Beer soaked mussels and steamed veggies are a sure fire pairing with this pretty white from the Macon. -Cheers!

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